Dear Santa- from Saumya Gupta

Dear Santa- from Saumya Gupta

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas!

‘Christmas is the celebration that holds all time together!’ Santa, hope you receive my letter in the pink of your health. Since the day is at the doorstep, like always I am sending my wish list to you. But this time, my laundry list is like chalk and cheese from my earlier ones.

Before I turn greed, I would like really thank you with my heart and soul for fulfilling my never-ending wishes. In fact you don’t even bat your eyelid twice! Accept my gratitude for a jubilant family, my creative talent and all the endless luxuries.

Coming to the point, this time my bucket list is an extensive one yet a bit mature too. Watching the worrisome scenario around, firstly, I would crave for empathy and strength for women folk so that they (including me) can trot freely anywhere, anytime. Santa, can you bless everybody in the world with love, food and shelter irrespective of their status? Wish you can do that! I desire even for forbearance for my countrymen because they are so short-tempered, impatient and egotist; they fight even at minute reasons. I feel pity on those who have to sleep hungry while we are wasting food. Can you give us some selflessness and empathy for the society?

Don’t you feel every person shall be enough self dependent to earn his/her bread and butter? I know I am turning greedy but I request you to have enough sleep lest my demands will never end and you may fall ill.

Santa uncle thanks once again for bringing smiles on gloomy faces with no protests. As someone has rightly said, “Making one person smile can change the world; May be not the whole world, but their world.”


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