Dear Santa- from Sharanya Swarna

Dear Santa- from Sharanya Swarna

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, I wish for art supplies for my dear friends, Monica and Mahesh. I would like to give them this gift because they are very poor and cannot afford much. They are the children of a watchman who passed away last year and they live with their mother alone near my grandmother’s home.

It would be very nice of you to give them paints, colour pencils, crayons, oil pastels, sketch pens, glue and art notebooks.

Everytime I visit my grandma’s home, they come to meet me excitedly. We play many games and also draw pictures of people and things. Monica has a lot of talent to do crafts and paint them in beautiful colours. Mahesh has talents to draw, paint, write and study hard. They go to the local government school since they cannot afford to go to a nice school like I do.

They work very hard and pass all their exams with good marks. Whenever my grandmother has back pain, Monica comforts her by pressing her back.

Sometimes after our art work we make a big mess everywhere in the room. Then they help me clean it up always. Sometimes they even do it on their own if I am feeling tired or if I have to leave in a hurry.

When we work, they are silent and disciplined. Their focus is extraordinary because they want their art to be perfect. They don’t hurry but paint slowly unlike me who’s impatient. If I feel hungry Mahesh agrees to go down to the supermarket to get us some chips or snacks to eat.

They will be highly thrilled if you agree to give them art supplies this Christmas.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you do so.

Lots of love,
Sharanya Swarna


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