Dear Santa- from Shubhra Sarup

Dear Santa- from Shubhra Sarup

Dear Santa,

Every year you get billions of letters from billions of kids expressing what they WANT for Christmas. But this year Santa, I’m going to ask you to gift us with what we NEED. Our so called perfect lives are full of unimaginable pains, but what is sadder than the effect the pain causes, is the reason why the pain affects us. That is because it is left unexpressed and not because it isn’t understandable and we don’t know how to trust and whom to trust. Betrayal, heartbreak and disloyalty are these controlling fears that dominate our willingness to express and share our thoughts and pains. We cover our sorrows with fake laughter and happiness as fake as what our entire life soon becomes while our desire to share eats us from inside, subjugated by the pressure of betrayal which crumples us into a tiny ball of sadness imprisoned by ridiculous fears. Now where do these desires come from? Our heart. And what restrains us, what provides us with this logic and uncertainty? Our mind. What we need is for the heart to push through and overcome the pressure the mind exerts on us. Santa, we need the power to believe in people. We need to trust, share, love and expression. We cannot let the pain harm us otherwise we will spend, rather, waste our entire life fighting it alone. We need to understand that trusting someone isn’t a mistake; it’s a gift. A beautiful gift that we will cherish our whole life. We need to remember that when we trust someone, when we believe in someone, we will have some ups and downs but that is not betrayal, that is not heartbreak or disloyalty. That is a ‘down’ and if you don’t have the courage to accept a down, then give us with that courage, because Dear Santa, not a single day passes by that I don’t regret having that courage and not a single day will pass that I won’t try to regain belief, trust and love that I’ve lost.


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