I am not ashamed to say that I belong to a family of thieves. In the world of thieves, we are small time, we only take enough to keep ourselves alive. 

Youngest in my family, I haven’t as yet been inducted into house breaking. I am ready to go but my mom says it’s dangerous for me. 

“Ma, I want to come with you tonight,” I know I am whining.

“No Misa, you stay here and take care of grandma, we’ll be back in no time at all.”

This was the routine every day. Why did I always have to be the one to baby sit grandma, couldn’t my sisters or brothers do it for a change?

I have decided that there’s only one way of doing this. I will go on my own, the day when nobody goes out. I would make my move for adventure on Sunday, which was two days from now. I laid my plans carefully. 

D-day arrived, I was jittery and nervous. I wondered whether I should give up. I jumped when my dad spoke.

“Misa, you are up to mischief. Promise me that you won’t go out to steal by yourself.” His expression was stern but his eyes were twinkling. I should have known that my dad would notice. 

“I promise pa.” I replied, my eyes avoiding his.

I promise I won’t steal but I am going out!”

I wait for everyone to fall asleep and quietly, I creep out. The streets are familiar but quite scary in the dark. I almost run back in but I want to prove to my family that I am old enough to join the business.

I keep well to the shadows hoping no one catches sight of me. Many of our relatives have been caught and never seen again. I don’t want to be another number.

I go up and down several streets and finally hit pay dirt. 

A house, shrouded in darkness. No CCTV, no ‘Beware of Dog’ sign. 

Perfect for a newbie like me!

I jump over the low wall. The rear door is slightly ajar.

Today seems to be my lucky day!

I do a vertical limbo and manage to slide in. Thank God, I am small and on the skinny side. 

It’s a tiny room, there’s a washing machine and a sink. I have accomplished my mission of breaking and entering without being detected. I am ready to leave.

“Stop thief!”

I freeze! 

Oh no, what have I done? I have broken into a house that has a cat? I am going to be his dinner!

Rapid footsteps approach, my nemesis is distracted and I quickly scuttle under the fridge.

“I thought I heard something, you dirty thief, take this and this!” I hear the sounds of a broom hitting something. A loud yowl and he’s gone.

My nemesis is a thief too!

When my heart beat is completely back to normal, I scamper quickly back to the safety of my home! 
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