Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Don’t gloat over me Enemy
You haven’t vanquished my spirit,
As I lie crumpled upon the cold floor
With a mascara-lined tear and hard grit.

I whimper, groan and sigh out loud
As menacing voices echo,
Diabolical dialogues find
Me, entrapped in a sly game of the Foe.

A merciless onslaught of Angst
Wells up from an old wound I cried,
I tremble and grope about in the dark
As a light beam begins to glow inside.

I rise now, to slay you, my friend!
Cower, cower; bid me adieu,
Or find me trampling upon your snake-head
With a fire in these dry bones renewed!

I laugh now through these night-stained tears
A new dawn breaks over my head,
As I watch his dark shadow scampering
I roar now, after his back as he fled.
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