Differently indifferent

Differently indifferent

I efficiently parked my scooter at a place that ensured my swift turnaround from the store. Credits to the ‘mask’, that people nowadays don’t recognize each other. I even donned my helmet to further ensure my anonymity. 

I briskly entered the store and grabbed the contents of my grocery list much like a robot. 

I’d just secured a place in the billing queue when it caught my glance. It read, “Guaranteed results within fifteen days or money back twice the price of the bottle.” 

This was magnetic! A company’s unmoved trust in its product had actually moved me.

Confessedly, I have a history of being a victim of cosmetics charisma. Yet, their alluring offer pulled me to join another queue, where I waited to buy this magical product that would change my life; forever. 

“Hello, sir! Are you buying this for yourself?”, asked the sales representative.

“Oh, no-no! For my wife actually.”. In my mind, I wholeheartedly apologized for lying the most deceitful lie. My wife had the most beautiful, long, and lustrous hair. While I was soon going to be referred to as ‘unadorned’. 

“You seem different!”, I murmured to my saviour; gently picking one of the bottles from the display.

The gentleman explained the details of the product and I was convinced of the heavenly outcomes; I was soon going to experience. 

Cuddling my occult baton delicately, I made a buoyant exit from the store.


It was only a month before my brother-in-law’s marriage and I adamantly tried every method that could make my scalp appear darker and brimming. 

With utmost optimism, I started applying my newest prized possession. A hair lotion that guaranteed hair growth. 

The initial days were a nightmare as my hair fall increased exponentially. However, I still chose to hold the tug as it was mentioned on the bottle that the initial hair fall was a good indication. 

With constant prayers in my heart, I continued the treatment. 


After fifteen days, I’d exactly fifteen strands of hair on my scalp. I was devastated and infuriated. 

Heatedly, I reached the store to claim back my money, only to find out that the stall was barred right on the evening, of my purchase, owing to unending complaints received from the customers.

I couldn’t decide if I should slap the store manager for putting that stall in the first place or research a way to go back in time. 

I returned home fuming and feeling disgusted at the same time. 

It was only two days before the scheduled marriage and my wife suggested using a ‘postiche’. I was anyways devoid of any option. Not that I was ashamed of facing everyone with a shaven head but I vetoed going through the turmoil of explaining the incident that had resulted in this shiny look. 


Everyone at the wedding was astonished at my dark and dense scalp. Some even asked me for remedies or recommendations of products. 

I only muttered to say, “Actually, it’s different!”
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