Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

The other girls stared blankly at the Maybach rolling into the wharf. It was a long time since it had ventured this way. If it was here, it only meant one thing. They would have company whether they liked it or not! They looked at each other, rolled their eyes, and moved back to their respective perches. They wouldn’t allow the newbie to change the equation here at the Aerwyna, ‘their’ luxurious yacht. 

The relationship between the girls wasn’t really hunky dory. After all, which woman likes to share her man?  Kinship was an option they chose when they had no other. 

Adnan ushered his latest arm candy through the aft* end into the Yacht, giving her a slow guided tour of the beach club*, the salon, the master cabin; dangling his opulent lifestyle in front of her nose like the proverbial carrot. 

 “Why is it all wet here?” trilled the newbie as they ascended the wooden stairway to the upper cabin.

The girls shared knowing glances. They weren’t good at cleaning up, and it wasn’t their job anyway!

Adnan mumbled something, and then there was silence. 

Silence… Was he kissing her on the stairs? Brushing his lips against hers gently… caressing the outline like he wanted to memorize their shape…she would part them in reflex, but he would leave her hungry… focusing instead on her earlobes …tugging at them gently with the tiniest bites… his hands would slowly slide up her thighs to find her waist…he would heave her up so she could entwine her legs around him…  it would get deliciously rough from thereon…The girls brought themselves out of that reverie with a jerk. Not a single one of them had forgotten about his kinky lovemaking ritual, though it had been ages since they experienced Adnan’s ministrations.

They now spent their time lolling about on the upper deck, flipping through pages of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar all most all day. They continued flipping through the pages even as the loud thuds and ecstatic screams from the master cabin below reached a crescendo sending the bobbing seagulls all a flutter. Then everything went silent again, just like the cold waters of the Mediterranean around them. 

Adnan would soon leave on his jet ski without sparing so much as a glance backwards. They would have to welcome his latest arm candy into the fold all by themselves.  

So, they waited. 

Dusk from the upper deck was a sight to behold when the Aerwyna was moored at Adnan’s favorite spot, far away from prying eyes. The skies turned red, pink, purple all at the same time… like bruises. 

They waited as Adnan’s chosen minions dragged the body to the balcony of the master cabin and tipped it over the railing, like they were dropping an olive into a Dirty Martini.

When she finally came up the stairs, she was dripping wet. The red, pink, purple marks of strangulation around her neck matched theirs exactly!

 “Welcome to our haunt, Newbie!”
Aft- Nautical terminology depicting the rear of the ship
Beach club – The space at the aft of a super yacht dedicated to a stylish lounge area and swim platform, creating an additional space for effortless indoor-outdoor living and entertaining
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