Dissipating Despondence

Dissipating Despondence

Wobbly boat in the blue, 
Veers in myriad daze,
A kite that’s not anchored, 
Roves in the vast ether,
The parched fronds drift along, 
Submit to gusty wind.

I’m always tied up with, 
The chains of all’s dogma,
Soused in effecting calls,
Working to suit their dreams,
I’ve raced many thrashed paths,
Imitating many.

I’m filled with murkiness,
A freewill servitude,
A mislaid afflatus,
Delays between the words,
The expanse and hanker;
My dormant emotions.

A meek flower dares to,
Outlive a harsh downpour,
All varied expressions, 
Of the spunk and freedom,
Seek to peek from the rise, 
That come from fright and leash.

I strive not to have chinks,
Inside my tiny head,
So my mind wouldn’t get to,
Flunk and disintegrate;
People would not direct,
And oversee my angst.

Zeal blending with lithe might, 
Carves my path to the top,
Selfhood taking prim shape,
Probity finds a way,
No fear of nemesis,
Where I love and adore.
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