Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

Komal and her mother Rekha were travelling from Vadodara to Surat in a two-by-two-seater luxury bus.  An acquaintance had recommended a match for her, and they were on a formal visit to the proposed family.

Being a working woman, Sundays were always leisure days for her.  But today was different. She was on a three-hour long journey. 

They had boarded the bus around six in the morning, so both closed their eyes to catch a much-needed sleep. 

The bus stopped at a few destinations. Komal was oblivious to the hustle of passengers.

After two hours, she opened her eyes.  Seated on the non-window seat, she looked at the other side.  Someone had a thick book in hand, which had small print. She wondered how anyone could read such small print in a moving bus! She turned away and indulged in a conversation with Rekha.

After reaching Surat, they stopped by at a relative’s place to freshen up.  They then proceeded towards the requisite place, along with their relative. 

On the steps leading to the house, Komal asked, “Mom, do you know the name of the guy?”

Rekha shrugged.

Realization dawned on Komal that her elder sister had taken the details with her so that she can match their horoscopes. She had informed that the horoscopes matched well, but Komal had neither seen the biodata nor the photo. She only knew that the guy in question is a medical graduate and pursuing his post-graduation. 

What a fool I have been!

The guy and his parents greeted them with broad smiles.

After they exchanged pleasantries, the father said, “My son was with you on the bus.”

Komal and Rekha looked at each other, puzzled.

After some time, Komal went in a room for some private chat with the proposed guy.

Komal asked plainly, “What’s your name?”

“Jayesh. Don’t tell me you don’t know my name!  You didn’t check my biodata?”

Komal knew this was going to be bizarre.

“I boarded the bus from Bharuch, as I am pursuing my post-graduation there.  I was sitting on the same row, on the other side.  I recognized you immediately. You glanced towards my direction once but didn’t look at me.”

Oh! The person who was reading the book! I didn’t bother to look at the owner of the book! Was he constantly staring at me while I was sleeping in all the awkward possible positions?

She smiled, awkwardly.

Jayesh made her comfortable, and their conversation lasted for an hour. 

Before parting, he asked, “When are you leaving for Vadodara?”

“As soon as possible.”

When Komal and Rekha reached the bus depot, they found Jayesh. This time, they boarded the bus together.  

Glad that his adjacent seat was vacant, Jayesh suggested from the other corner, “Komal, come to this side. We can chat.”

Rekha nodded and Komal obliged.

“I was waiting for half an hour,” Jayesh winked.


“Love or arranged marriage?”

“It was love at first sight,” is Jayesh’s usual answer.
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