Dream Destination

Dream Destination

My eyes opened with a mesmerizing cheer,
I stood up and saw the world more clear.
A world where no fear, no shame,
Where all are treated equally and follow the same fame.
I longed for this world for years, my dears.

In a speech, words are uttered with fearless gesture,
Girls roam and smile and their dreams are nurtured.
Mothers, don’t worry your child will return,
They are playing in the meadows, no deadlines but busy to learn.
Freedom in the air, smile on the lips, glimpses of peace, fun and adventure.

Animals and birds, cattle, fish and trees,
Celebration in the air, they are united and free.
No one is forced or dragged for slaughter,
No hunger or thirst, no poor or rich, it’s a refuge for dreamer.
It’s a magic land, love in every heart, that all agree.

Am I awake or dreaming?
Can you feel the magic? Oh! Behold that young maiden dancing.
An enchanted song, behold all young and old,
Let us utter the prayer as we are told.
My dears, this is my dream world, so pure, oh so thrilling.


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