Dream Found and Lost

Dream Found and Lost

I looked in awe at the endless, vast sea
My young mind enticed by the striking blue,
Taking the first boat my naive eyes could see
I sailed with the aimless winds that blew.

I sailed for years through summer, spring and fall
Staying afloat, riding wave after wave,
Clutching the rickety mast, lest I fall
I had to float or had goodbyes to wave.

On a distant isle, I spotted a rose
That beckoned with all the promises right,
My lazy, sleeping dreams awoke and rose,
Told me, ‘Go for it, It’s but your heart’s right.’

I reached for it, but they who were my rock
Tied outstretched hands with a chain or two,
Reaching for that flower meant the boat would rock
I gave it up, I had to survive too.
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