Dream the Skies!

Dream the Skies!

Life’s short sojourn, pace like the wind,
Glide past expanse of skies, hopes winged,
Sail through deep ocean fearlessly
Endure tempest, shine fervently,
Dream for skies, through dark clouds!

Climb mountains of uncertainty,
Vanquish waves of adversity,
Flow like tranquil waters, sublime,
Before grains of sand lost in time,
Dream for skies, feet grounded!

A spider weaves its own world,
Faltering, rising  through bars hurled,
Try ,stride to destiny of life,
Enduring despite of pain, strife,
Dream the skies, ignite spark!

Hearken to subtle inner voice,
Repudiate dispiriting noise,
Pursue the murky, lonely path,
Instead of reckoning the math,
Dream the skies, inspire lives!

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