Eagerly Waiting

Eagerly Waiting

The rains fell with more gusto celebrating the meeting of two souls destined to be together. 


The vapour emanating from her coffee cup condensed and formed pearls around.

She dialled the number yet again… the person you are trying to call is not responding, the voice sounded so harsh.

Shazia’s heart beat faster and sweat trickled down her forehead blending with the brine flowing through her eyes.

Rohan always reached before time. What could have happened today


“Maa, I love Shazia, she is a very nice girl”.

“Rohan, do you realise what you are doing. We will not be able to face our relatives and community. What will Sheena’s family say”, Rohan’s mother was enraged.

“You should at least have some concern for Sheena, she is your sister. Do you want her marriage to be riddled with problems because your insane behaviour/”

“That girl belongs to a different community; she will not be able to follow our culture and rituals”.

“We are going to visit the Sharma family. I have seen the girl. The family is cultured and well to do”. You have to agree to this alliance or else today’s lunch will be my last meal”, Maa threatened Rohan.

Rohan barely managed to bring a smile on his face as he gave a nod to the alliance arranged by his parents.

“Shazia, I am sorry, but I had to give in. Maa, threatened to starve till I get married to a girl of her choice”, said Rohan as he hugged Shazia for perhaps the last time. 


Shazia reminisced the moments with Rohan.

The day that they first met at the college festival. 

The candid conversations, exchange of books and hours spent in silence but a lot being said.

Shazia’s pillow absorbed the memories in the tears flowing incessantly.

“Shazia, you have to move on”, an inner voice whispered.

Shazia robotically nodded as the Nikah took place. Her dreams stowed away and feelings veiled under the wedding trousseau.


The family court was abuzz with lawyers, couples, discussing, worry, rage hovering in their mind.

Rohan was there for the final hearing of his divorce case. As he stood in the corridor, a familiar touch brushed past him. He saw Shazia’s fair face, her smile missing though, just across the corridor.

Rohan and Shazia, was it just a coincidence or destiny that brought them together.

The cultural war that separated two lovers brought them together in the precincts of the litigating corridors of the family court.

Rohan did not want to lose the opportunity and Shazia for a second time.

He popped the question “Will you marry me”

Destiny broke down cultural barriers to bring about the reunion.

Rohan and Shazia embraced each other drenched in emotions and the monsoon showers.
Author’s Note:
Deepa Vishal’s concluding sentence from her entry for Quintale-54 Petrichor From a Past Life is the opening sentence and inspiration for this narrative.
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One thought on “Eagerly Waiting

  1. Congrats on a well- written story. The title certainly sets up the overall mood of the protagonist, and the first line hints at the outcome without giving away the suspense. Your story has a nice arc, building and keeping the suspense of the outcome all the way to the happy end. Shazia’s anxiety and the cultural clashes as well as the subject of divorce keep that suspense moving through all the trauma of separation until all is revealed and Rohan wishes to marry Shazia after his divorce with Sheena. A great message of love transcending cultural barriers. Also a good balance between showing, telling and dialogue. The only suggestion I’d make is with punctuation in some places to avoid confusion and from this great story, as in: Do you want her marriage etc etc insane behaviour// and// will you marry me//.

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