Ear Marked Route

Ear Marked Route

The white expanse stretching endlessly was blinding him. He wondered if it had been foolish on his part. It was the fifth day since he had been tracking the notorious Knuttshead. 

Under the dancing blue, green

Where marrow frozen seen

Between twilight and twilight

Frightened if not, we shall greet,

By the stones that point routes to meet!

He had spotted him on his surveillance monitor. Caught clearly on screen as he cleaned out the vaults of The Bank of New York, the cheeky guy hoisted his loot in a sack, over his shoulder, dropped a note and even blew a kiss toward the  CCTV. That had got his goat!

As the sirens buzzed and the security devices swung into action, it seemed like the crook had simply vanished into thin air decamping with billions of dollars’ worth of jewelry and priceless art. 

The Cheek had left behind a message written on a Mc Donald’s napkin. Chief was hopping mad. He took it as a personal challenge. Hot in pursuit, he made it till here. 

The images confirmed it was none other than the thorn in their side: Knuttshead. He had been steadily becoming cockier and felt invincible. 

After the snowmobile stalled around the last lake, his GPS showed the next Inuit town to be just a few hundred miles to the west. Ruing his ego, his impulsive decision to pursue the quarry himself,  he progressed on foot. Maintaining radio silence was key. 

A blizzard would soon be sweeping down. The frigid temperatures would dip further, and the hot trail would go cold. Time was of paramount importance(When was it not?)

His super sharp, super snazzy, PFT Vision 2020 helped to screen the wilderness. Straight up ahead to the north he discerned some movement. Looking carefully, he could make out it was a life form. Feeding in new directions he kept trudging, through the snow. 

Along the ridge line to the east on regular distances were placed huge piles of rocks and boulders, so well arranged that to an untrained eye it would seem to be part of the natural terrain. Interesting! And there seemed to be one in this valley up ahead at 10, o’clock.

His senses started zinging, something lay ahead, his heartbeat increased. He calmed himself and prepared for the worst. Yes, it was a massive cairn all right (the last line from the clue?) The wind had started howling once again as it raged, and the Chief cautiously reached the pile of rocks  in the virgin white field. At the base was a still body! 

Silently he cocked his pistol and said, “Hands up! Your game is over!”

A sudden burst of action. As the body flipped and out came blazing guns aiming straight for the chief, who jumped aside with alacrity and rolled in the snow, while simultaneously shooting his quarry. Bullseye! As the bright red stained the white snow, he pulled off the mask and recognized his enemy – his stepbrother. The last person he would have ever suspected!

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