Echoes: Life’s Memories

Echoes: Life’s Memories

In a quaint little cottage nestled on the outskirts of a picturesque town called ‘God’s Talisman’, Sarah and Michael remembered being intrigued by the strange name of this hidden away little town. 

Michael recalled the days back then when they had bumped into each other innocently. He could have never imagined how a brief encounter could become his life’s most beautiful journey.

As he sipped hot chamomile tea, his mind travelled backward, to that day….

* * *

As adventurous college students who loved going on solo exploring and trekking trips, they had both found themselves on the streets of this town, “Hi, I am Sarah. Are you a tourist as well?”

Michael had felt himself tongue-tied as he had stared into her large eyes that seemed to be a mix of greens and blues, tinged with gold,” Yes, ye!. I just came to kill the long weekend. I am put up in that cute hotel called, ‘Blue Thieves’”

Srah had clapped her hands in glee, totally oblivious of the effect she was having on the poor man’s sanity, “I am put up there too. How nice to have company. I must say this place has got such strange names. But so cute, right?”

Michael had nodded his head, subtly clutching his heart. He knew he was a goner…

They had been together the entire weekend, visiting the nearby places and trying out the local cuisine. Within no time found themselves wrapped together in what felt like a timeless love story. 

* * *

“Are you day-dreaming again?” His wife said in mock anger, “Your tea has gone cold again!”

Michael smiled, looking at her fondly. Their journey together was like a carefully curated photo album, filled with moments of laughter, shared dreams, and the gentle music of windchimes that danced in the breeze.

Srah smiled back at her elderly husband. ‘Do you remember when we went to the local art gallery that same day?”

Michael nodded. How could he forget how they had a shared admiration for the same painting. That had been an icebreaker for him. He had always loved art but none of his parents or friends shared his passion. Here was someone who echoed his sentiments. That painting sparked a conversation that seemed to echo through their souls. Sarah, with her vibrant spirit, was captivated by Michael’s warmth and his quiet yet confident demeanor. Their connection was instant, like a sudden gust of wind, a stroke of good magic that brings two kindred spirits together.

They had exchanged phone numbers. And regularly set out on trips that were always out of the ordinary and quirky. It helped that they shared a sense of humor and a love for the odd and the absurd. Srah discovered Michael was a master of cracking witty jokes, with a straight face.  And he discovered that Sarah was a past master in mental math. She could multiply, divide do everything with any number of digits. Their hidden sides fascinated each other and they looked forward to spending more and more time with each other.

As their relationship blossomed, they discovered a mutual love for nature’s beauty. One weekend, they decided to explore a nearby forest. 

As they sought the forest, hand in hand, they looked at the sunlight filtering through the trees painting a golden path before them while the sounds of the rustling leaves felt like whispers of the spirit of the forest beckoning them. It felt surreal like nature was encouraging them to walk further, strengthening that something they felt firmly for each other.

Once they sauntered in deep and found themselves in the heart of the forest, they stumbled upon a hidden waterfall. Its cascading waters created a soothing echo. Sarah found it resonating within her heart, “I think I am falling in love with you…” She had whispered.

Michael had pretended not to hear. He had turned away, his cheeks a deep red. “Idiot!” he had cursed himself, “You are such a coward. Tell her you love her too!”

But he had chickened out and had cracked a lame joke instead. And she had laughed.

Touched by her kindness and beauty, he had caressed her hair and as he looked around and found himself in the midst of the beauty of that moment, Michael reached into his backpack and pulled out a small photo album. 

“What’s this?” her hands had grabbed it from his hands eagerly.

As she flipped through it, she was amazed to find that each page held memories of their time together; the first picnic they shared, their spontaneous road trip, and that evening when they danced under a sky filled with stars. 

Sarah’s eyes filled with tears. She looked at him numbly as every page of the photo album danced in front of her. Each picture was a memoir, an emotion. She had always been happy and grateful to be surrounded by family and friends who loved her and cared for her.

But the pure, unconditional love that Michael and a sense of safety she felt when she was with Michael was unexplainable. Wordlessly, she flipped through the pages, cherishing each image that has become a testament to the love they shared.

She looked up, staring into his eyes, ”I love you Michael. I will love you till the last breath of my life. If you do not reciprocate my feeling, Do not worr…”

She did not get a chance to complete her sentence for Michael had pulled her into his embrace and had kissed her passionately.

It was like two shells had suddenly united, fusing into one whole. Michael and Srah had felt as if their souls had been brandished into one, through the fire of their love.

As they could not live without each other and their families recognized their love and need for each other, they agreed to let them be united in holy matrimony. Everyone present at their wedding found their eyes moist as the couple took their vows and became soulmates for life.

That night, as they returned home to the cottage they had purchased in the town they had first met, Michael surprised Sarah with a set of wind chimes. 

Sarah put her hands on her mouth, “You are kidding me, love! I love wind chimes. How did you know?”

Michael laughed, kissing his new bride. O how much he loved her child-like reactions and happiness at the smallest of things. It was so easy to please the dear girl! He whispered gently, “I know everything about you. Come on, let us hang them and listen to their melody and begin our new life.”

Each chime had a unique tone, creating a beautiful melody when touched by the wind. They hung the wind chimes outside their cottage, where they swayed and played a symphony of enchanting notes. It became a soothing backdrop to their evenings, a reminder of the harmony they had found in each other’s arms.

Months turned into years, and their love continued to deepen. They faced challenges and celebrated triumphs, always finding solace in the warmth of each other’s embrace. They had beautiful children who filled their lives with love and made it seem like every day was a celebration. The children had now grown up and were successful in other parts of the world but regularly remained in touch with their parents.

One evening, as they sat on the porch, watching the sun dip below the horizon, Michael took Sarah’s hand and looked deep into her eyes.

“Sarah,” he began, his voice filled with emotion, “these years with you have been the most beautiful chapter of my life. You’ve filled it with laughter, love, and an endless sense of adventure. Will you make me the happiest person in the world and marry me?”

Sarah’s stared at him,” Are you nuts?”

But he only pulled her into his arms, “I want to replay our love story. I had only imagined growing old with you. Can’t believe it has actually come true. Please marry me?”

Sarah agreed, blushing like a new bride.

As they began to plan their wedding, the photo album became an integral part of their preparations. They filled it not only with their shared memories but also with their hopes for another new beginning.

It was a tangible symbol of their love story, a testament to the beautiful journey they had embarked upon.

Their wedding day arrived, and it was as magical as they had envisioned. The ceremony took place under a clear sky, with the windchimes gently serenading the moment. Their old friends and family gathered, sharing in the joy of their union. As they exchanged vows, the echoes of their promises filled the air, renewing an unbreakable bond between them.

As the years inexorably continued to pass, their love remained strong. They created new memories with their children and grandchildren and added them to the photo album. The wind chimes continued to sing their gentle melody, a constant reminder of the love that had brought them together.

And so, in that quaint little cottage, Sarah and Michael lived a love story that unfolded like the turning of pages in a cherished photo album. Their hearts, like windchimes in the wind, resonated with the echoes of a romance that grew stronger with each passing day, a testament to the timeless beauty of true love…


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