Echoes of Conscience

Echoes of Conscience

“Mirror Mirror On The Wall 
Am I The Fairest Of All”. 

Am I fat? Am I dark? Am I thin? 
Contemplating whether to cry or grin 

I looked at the mirror again 
My reflection looked back at me and my refrain 

Hello!! Enough of your narcissistic tendency
Get on in life with full vigour and energy

I saw my expression in the mirror again 
Slowly turning a shade pale with shame

Looking through the looking glass 
I held my eyes piercing through my body mass 

Lost in my own vanity 
Losing all the traces of sanity

Gloating over my own reflection
Glossing around my own perceptions

I looked at the mirror in askance 
Why should I? In my typical parlance 

My alterself  looked through the glass 
Sneering at me, she said, come out of this crass 

Have you ever held the hand of someone in need?
Or even a word of solace to the aggrieved?

It’s time you made some noble decisions 
And enrich your soul with more compassion

Reach out to the unfortunate in word and deed
Boosting the morale of many in need

Even a trickle of love and doles of comfort 
And some empathy by way of a warm support 

A caressing look, a touching feel
A pleasant nudge or a tap genteel

Is all that can wipe a tear or two? 
Bringing smile and happiness at least to a few 

I kept gazing at the mirror on the wall
That said, does it make any sense at all

Believe me you will be a different being 
When you see yourself next morning 

I could see myself sincerely reflecting 
Eyes opened and my mind scanning

A semblance of a smile appeared on my face
Looking one more time into the mirrors trace

And said to myself heaving a sigh of relief
Its time I need to wake up from my sleep


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