Enigma Inamorata

Sometimes in your eyes
Between those fragile lashes
I have seen the spring
Poppies and daisies open
To welcome the pilgrim bees

Sometimes in your lips
Between those delicate smiles
I have spied the flame
Comets and galaxies explode
To create countless new worlds

Sometimes in your hands
Between those graceful fingers
I have felt the frost
Massifs and glaciers crumble
To merge with the silent seas

Sometimes in your heart
Between those rhapsodic rhythms
I have felt the dirge
Graveyards and catacombs dance
To seize life in dying dreams.


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Beryl Zephyr

An occasional writer but a regular thinker, Beryl sometimes fiddles in speculative fiction. He sees both humour and tragedy in everyday events and is extremely concerned with the fate of other creatures trapped in the monstrous march of 21st-century human civilization.

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One Thought to “Enigma Inamorata”

  1. Oh My God… Berryl sir… hats off… what a poem.. mesmerised… not only nature ..your poem involved even the vastness of the cosmos.. as always just “WOOWW”

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