Eos’s Sojourn

Eos’s Sojourn

When pink dawn breaks
O’er the nigh mountains
The denizens of the day stir,
Come awake at the morrow’s helm.
Shaking off the remnants of the night,
Eos* languorously stretches
Dribbling purple and blue
On the cornflower skies.
Strewing a few birds, flapping
Wings on the yonder skies,
She lets a few butterflies flutter
In nature’s fragrant garden.
In the half-light, an odd peace descends
It echoes from the treetops
And the gentle lapping of waves.
It resonates in the buzz of the bees
And the hum of the hummingbirds;
Who shrug off the tranquil duvet
Of darkness to come awake
And partake in the light of day.
Then the salubrious sun rises
Peeking from the mountains
It ascends heavenwards
A clement ball of spun gold.
Its benevolence coats the world
In the mellow warmth of love
And life is nurtured, hope
And joy spring eternal.
Aah! Such are serene dawns.
Alas! Then humanity awakens
Their capricious souls,
Steeped in avarice, arouse
From a slothful slumber.
Driven by greed they scurry,
Ablating their souls of kindness.
They hustle forth in envious
Contemplation, always yearning.
Eos retreats, on silent feet
She ebbs into her realm.
For she knows that her sojourn is over.
Eos- Greek goddess of dawn
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