Equality or Entitlement?

Equality or Entitlement?

8th March, 2019, Some City, Some place, 9 pm

R: Hey, What’s up?

H: All cool Man. Woman’s day nonsense and all. Each time I wanted to google something related to my research, Google doodle reminded me of the same every single time. These millennial women have made men look like some criminals.

R: I know what you mean. There are not Feminists anymore but Feminazis, they scream, march and protest for equality and they want reservations – in parliament, in science, in public transport. That’s just hypocrisy man. Its like you lead an entitled life and still preach equality.

8th March, 2019, Some city, Some place, 9 pm

A: Hi, I was almost beginning to think that you are going to ditch us!

C: How could I? We have been planning this get together since quite some time now.

G: So, who is taking care of the baby tonight? Any luck with the Nanny?

A: No, we are totally averse to that idea. Sid is at home with the baby. It is his turn of the weekend. We have decided to take alternate weekends to stay with the baby.

C: That is amazing.

G: I don’t know, how you make him do it gal! But hail to you!! A true feminist you are, deciding and having it your way!! Cheers!

A: Well, since you have brought it up today, Sid is more of a feminist than I am. Stop rolling your eyes. He strongly believes in equality for men and women and there hasn’t been a single day till date with him when I felt he didn’t mean it. Household chores, parenting, earning a livelihood, we are equals. And yes, being a feminist does not make him a henpecked husband, just a better Man.


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