Erosion Through Progress

Erosion Through Progress

Golden times, spoiled to rust, 
On screens, youth places trust.
Glare of tech’s ceaseless glow,
Candor lost in the theatrical show.
You see values degenerated into dust,
Likes glued in mindless thrust.
No tales heard, wisdom is at hold,
Hushed tales untold.
Bareness starts to hold,
Warmth lost in cold,
Untold tales, future’s mold,  
Let us watch over as new norms unfold.

Gold to rust, trust betrayed,
Blank hearts in chaos laid.
Screens glow in each tableau,
In uncomprehending words, truth’s shadow.
Cultural norms for technology is traded,
In fact- flood, minds faded. 
Over and done words, wisdom’s jade,
Lull echoes wade.
Voices in mess fade,
Love’s spark in shade,    
Bold silence, unafraid,
Let us mourn the future we have unmade.


Note:- I wrote this poem to focus on the impact of technology on society, particularly on younger generations. It should encourage the readers to lament the loss of traditional values, wisdom, and personal connection as technology becomes more prevalent and influential.


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