Eternal Love

Eternal Love

As the world gears up for Saint Valentine
Let’s buckle up and travel way too back in time
Where myth blends into history
To witness a magical story
Of eternal love that is strange yet divine

On to the tranquil banks of Yamuna, let’s sail away
Luscious meadows of Brij, not far away
Gopis dancing around, a breathtaking sight
To the melodious tune from flute, a sensual delight
The couple entwined in love blissfully sway

He is a flirt, husband to many a wives
He is a mystery, an incarnation of his many lives
He is about to leave her behind for a bigger cause
She loves him despite all his flaws
He will ensure their story is forever alive

Defying the social bond of marriage
Transcending appearance and age
Cursed that it was, had no beautiful end
Lost it was before the biggest war ever waged
Yet it lingers on to this modern age


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