Emily, The Witch

Emily, The Witch

SixPens Tale- 4


Everyone said that Emily was a witch who does black magic and I never seemed to believe anyone. But, I still had my doubts. So I decided to befriend her. At first, she seemed to be quite bizarre with her strange acts, (suspecting the motive of my friendship). As I got to know her, she seemed very scared because of this rumour that people believed about her. But she had a dark secret that either spelt life or death.

“What could be the dark secret?” The one question I wanted to be answered.

Meanwhile, Jack happened to visit the old monastery which he knew had a history of witchcraft and a few supernatural events related to it.

Lo and behold! There stood Emily with a mysterious thing in her hand. On seeing Jack, she froze. She didn’t see me hiding behind a wooden cupboard a few meters away from where she was positioned. I took a sigh of relief. But the relief was short lived as I felt something crawling up on my neck but I couldn’t find anything. “Does Emily know I am here?” I whispered to myself. Because just then she turned and threw a quick look at my side. I felt my heart skipped a beat and I was sweating from head to toe. Just then she offered her outstretched palm and in her palm was a talisman -a round pendant with a large stone in the middle. She wore a similar one around her neck.”

“Do you want to join the Legion?” asked Emily, addressing no one in particular.

Waiting for Jack to answer Emily’s question or say something, I sat there dumbfounded, trying to comprehend what was going on. Jack looked mysterious in a pensive mood unable to make out whether Emily is actually talking about legion or whether she is making things up.

Just then a voice answered, ” Yes!” It was Emily’s. “I know why you two are here and want to confirm your suspicions about me…and wish to know who I am.”

Emily said. “I am not a witch. But you won’t believe that, would you? Well, I’ll show you.”
Emily held on to her talisman pressed on the stone and the whole monastery shook like an earthquake just hit it. Then, the roof opened; the walls falling off; the ground was still shaking. “Emily? What’s going on? What are you?” I asked, afraid of who she really was.

“I was right!” Jack joined in. “You are not from here.”

 “What do you mean she’s not from here?” Confused, I yelled at Emily and said, “Make it stop!”

Emily didn’t listen.

“Come on now, Jack. For heaven sakes say something. But before Jack could utter a word, Emily looked up the sky. 

“I can’t!” she answered. “It’s my ride. You’re welcome to come with me if you want. My world is more peaceful and kinder. Yours? It’s far from that. That’s the first thing I learned about you humans. And I pity you all. Such potential to be good but all you do is build such high walls trapping yourself in. It’s time to break down these walls. Follow me to the wonderland, to the place where you can find the right path to redemption. And, you shall be ready to lead your world back to light.”

Jack hesitated, but he saw the truth, that there was no other way, but this. He held her hand and encouraged me to do the same. “We are in this together. Let’s hope we save humanity  with hope, once and for all!”


Contributed by
Arjun Rana, Olinda Braganza, Charu Varun Sood, Shilpa Kaushik, Charulata Panigrahi, Zarteina Antao, Ruchika Parmar, Ruchika Gupta Gaba, Nagamani Kuchimanchi, Dodong Ener, Mansi Babbar, Kajal Kapur, Rham Dhel

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