Experiencing Heaven

Experiencing Heaven

I visited Switzerland, the money got it’s worth
No doubt all say it’s heaven on Earth.
Beauty and beauty, beauty everywhere
Alas I should have settled then and there.
I miss the beautiful country on the earth.

Clean and clear and purity in air
Green bushes and flower spreading everywhere.
Blue hills and mountains capped in snow
On rope way you climb never saying no.
That is the adventure you enjoy there.

Swans swimming in the clear crystal river
How can I forget the lovely sight ever
Trains run smooth without dust or smoke,
Clogged train climbed through the mountain rock.
The best railway found anywhere

The day I left you saying good bye,
With the hope of seeing you in my mind’s eye.
Oh how much I wish to visit you again
Why live a life counting loss and gain.
Switzerland no one can say you bye.


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