Faithful Chakkee

Faithful Chakkee

The cute white pomeranian smiled at Chakkee

She implored him to tell his name.

Chakkee squirmed in humiliation. 

Why on earth did his obstreperous mistress christen him thus? Disgusting! The name reminded him of a pounding stone that powdered rice, wheat,  jowar and maybe even humans in minutes.

Once his name was revealed, he knew his love would find it below her dignity even to look at him.

Feigning deafness, Chakkee licked in the air. It was his way of expressing his love.

“Come on, sweetie,” the pomeranian’s mistress gently dragged her.

‘Sweetie, sweetie,’ the name sent sweet ripples in Chakkee’s ears.

“Chakkkkeeee, you good for nothing; what are you doing here? Yuck!!! drooling again.” Chakkee’s mistress pulled her colossal figure with difficulty and gave the poor canine one blow with a stick, simultaneously throwing a mocking glance at sweetie, who had by now lost all interest after hearing the name  ‘Chakkee’. 

Chakkee’s hopes of finding a mate got crushed in seconds.

“Did you know that someone came to break open Guptaji’s house? His dog frightened the shit out of them by barking? Wonder what you were doing at that time? You did not make even an audible whimper.” The mistress had approached him with a complaint.

‘Grrrrr….,’ Chakkee swallowed his anger at being openly insulted in front of his lady love.

Why wouldn’t Guptaji ‘s dog bark? He is fed with rich food and pedigree, unlike me. All I get to eat are the remains after this monstrous family of four gobble their food. Sometimes there is hardly anything left over. And she expects me to bark when someone is trying to break into the neighbourhood!!! This is too much.’ Chakkee groaned, but his moanings were by far ignored.

“What is for dinner?” Chakkee’s master came caressing his bulging tummy. “Rats are having a marathon inside my stomach,” he grinned, exhibiting a set of the most crooked teeth.

“Drumstick Sambhar!” Screamed the mistress as Chakkee groaned.

‘Oh no, not again. I am tired of eating that tamarind solution, and those stupid drumsticks get into my throat horizontally. Why can’t this female prepare something palatable?’

Her elder son seemed to be sharing Chakkee’s views.

“I don’t want to eat Sambhar today,” he protested, and his younger sibling, who was an inch less fat than him, joined in the rebellion.

The boys won an hour’s debate, and it was decided to keep the sambhar for dinner and order pizza.

Chakkee was overwhelmed to hear this and endlessly drooled till the pizza delivery boy arrived.

Chakkee could hear the family munch on it. Intermittent burbs stood testimony to the fact that coke was being consumed.

Chakkee’s wait ended as the elder boy approached, holding the food bowl.

“Here, Chakkee, have this,” he said, pushing the bowl full of sambhar rice topped with the tiniest piece of pizza.

That night some thieves climbed the wall and jumped. Chakkee got up for a while and then put his head down and snored to eternity.


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One thought on “Faithful Chakkee

  1. So hilarious. Loved reading it. This line ‘Intermittent burbs stood testimony to the fact that coke was being consumed,” is so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing.

    I have a little suggestion for this sentence structure. Let me know what you think.

    //hardly anything left over
    hardly any left over or hardly anything left.

    Great moral.

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