Falling Guardian

Falling Guardian

It is July and the rainy season is again late. I am unable to leave my place, due to natural constraints. I have lost count of the years I have been here, a hundred or maybe more.  They said I was heritage. Put up board too, then forgot me. Last few years have not been easy for me. My looks may deceive you. I am tall, strong, sturdy, grounded, my roots seem healthy but the activity inside me is finishing me. I am almost hollow. 

Home to thousands of birds and bees, I have seen good and bad times. It seems today will be a sunny day. Light is playing hide and seek with my branches. Leaves are enjoying the breeze. Young birds left early, and old ones are still chirping. To tell you the truth I am not feeling well. These squirrels seem to be running too fast. Usually, I enjoy their banter but today I am missing what they are saying. Wish I could tell them to sit in one place. They are tiring me. 

The school bell is ringing. Hundreds of children are running to the prayer area. I have seen the school grow, I have seen little kids grow into smart young teenagers. I have witnessed their joys, aspirations, and fears. Teachers came and went, but I remained. Tall and healthy, more like a guardian. 

Classes have already started, and no one is coming near me. I am very tired. Is someone listening? I think the termite has eaten me.  My roots are bleeding. Just look, I think my branches are crying. Am I dying, am I falling. Oh, God, give me strength. It is already lunchtime. Kids will be out any minute. They will come and play under my shade and eat their lunch and talk to each other. God give me voice for once, I beg of you.  Rain God, you help me. If you come down pouring, no one will come out.

Oh, my dearies don’t come near me. I am breaking, I am falling. Don’t you hear the creaking branches. With so much activity inside me and outside of me, so many living organisms inside me and around me still I am alone. I may be their guardian, but they are not even thankful leave alone they sympathizing with me. No one is bothered. They are all consumed by self-love. I was here to protect you and today I am going, hope I don’t hurt any of you. The kids are running back and lunchtime is over. I can now finally rest. Call the fire tenders, call the police to pick me up. Oh, where will these birds go and these squirrels. I can’t understand anything, save me I am finished, I can’t fight anymore. Please my dearies don’t forget me but forgive me. Hopefully, you will find a new guardian. It was not my fault. I have been part of your growing up years but now I take your leave.  


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