Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Rollick Frolic rush,
father’s boat, a hint on high,
Mother’s hand in prayer,
calling sobriquets to sea,
Boys’ gazing through corners of the eye.

The boy grew to find,
waves playful with the morning sun,
This beach became his kingdom,
Then sea full of envy conspired,
Washed away all castles before eyes.

Beyond water what it hides,
Deceptive, secretive as can be,
she is very deep,
He’d tasted her salt,
Had her floods, known each storm.

With adolescence wiped out,
there stood a man,
his fury sculpted by the gentle wind,
Waves so mellow touched,
Calling out his soul to rhinal tone.

I love this sea,
and it loves me so,
As I run to embrace it,
Letting loose each tassel,
it too runs towards me.

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One thought on “Falling in Love

  1. Shweta.. this poem reminds me of the sand castles .. how i loved building them in my childhood.. and every time they would crumble down…and criesss….really your poem transported me to those golden days… a beautiful poem

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