Family Comes First

Family Comes First

Dear Dad,

There is so much that I want to say and words fail me. There are some beautiful life lessons that I have learnt from you and I try to summarize them all here for us to remember and your grandchildren to learn for the future.

I remember our childhood where we saw you as the busiest dad around, yet when it came to family, you were always the first one by our side. The message always was Family comes first. I recall many moments when I was sick and you smiled through it all, keeping me strong. Your warm hugs took my sickness away and I drew from your strength only to build mine again.

You taught us the meaning of hard work. You maintained from the beginning that there is no substitute for hard work and today I realise what you mean. Money was limited, yet our every need was catered to. I can also proudly say that at times, we were everyone’s envy.

My friends called you the coolest dad and family wondered why we as girls enjoyed so much freedom. And yet you said this and still do with PRIDE “My DAUGHTERS are my SONS!”

And through it all, you shared this lesson too, Never at the cost of your self-respect. You stand like a rock through it all, building our confidence, keeping us going. Reminding us that life will keep throwing challenges and we will fall, only to rise again. Life will be tough, but we need to be tougher.

So, taking a cue from you, we continue on, smiling and hoping to shine. Thank you, Pa for all that you do. We are indeed blessed to have you in our lives.

With Love Always,

S (And I speak for H too!)
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