Fareena’s Dilemma

Fareena’s Dilemma

“May I know why my munchkin looks so grumpy today?” Meena asked her ten-year-old daughter Fareena, seeing her sullen expressions.

“Mama! Why can’t I fart like daddy?” Fareena whined.

“Same question again, huh!”

Fartman and Meena exchanged vows a few months after their first encounter, and were blessed with a daughter Fareena, three years later. However, Fareena didn’t inherit the powers of her legendary dad, which made her sulk always.

“Fareena, you need to under….”

“Look, who’s here!” Fartman interrupted the mother-daughter conversation.

“Crow Granny!” Fareena sprang out of her bed and hugged her tight.

“What’s up, my pumpkin pie?” Crow Granny enquired, lifting Fareena in her feathery arms.

“Granny, why was I born powerless?” Fareena retorted with rheumy eyes.

“Ah! Look what I’ve got for you, Hon!” Granny handed her a book.

“Wow! Sunita’s recently released poetry book – Midnight Musings. Thanks Granny!” Fareena’s eyes gleamed.

“Open page 240 and read the last eight lines.”

Fareena, like an obedient granddaughter followed her Granny’s instructions.

“At times, we overlook our talents and incessantly whine
Comparing our lives with others, we crib and lose our shine
Remember, each one of us is a flower
Endowed with unique skills, fragrance, and power
Don’t be perplexed in what all around you see
You are unique, this person and that, don’t crave or try to be
Explore your powers hidden, dive into the sky
Kiss the zenith, go triumphantly fly”

“I think you got your answer sweetheart!” Granny planted a kiss on Fareena’s forehead before bidding her farewell.

*School scene*

” Fareena, we need your help!”

“What is it, Martha?”

“You see, the lead dancer in our ballet team met with an accident and can’t perform in the Cultural Fest to be held in the coming week.”

“Oh, no! How can I help?”

“Can you take her place and lead our team?”

“Who! Me!” Fareena seemed flabbergasted.

“Yes, I’ve seen you rehearse many a time in the ballet room all alone after classes.”

“Yes, that’s because I enjoy dancing but I’m still a novice and can’t perform in front of the whole school!”

“Trust me Fareena, you’re amazing. Please give it a shot.”

After lots of persuasion, Fareena agreed to perform in the Cultural Fest and soon the D-day arrived.


*Backstage scene*

“Granny, I’m nervous!”

“Honey, remember the lines from Midnight Musings?”

Fareena nodded.

“It’s time to take the plunge!”

The curtain rose and a soft melody pervaded the hall. Fareena and team twirled and pirouetted in the stage like graceful swans, leaving the audience mesmerized with their stellar performance. The hall reverberated with claps and plaudits.


“Mama! Daddy! Granny! I did it!” Fareena rushed towards her family teary-eyed, shrieking at the top of her voice.

“That’s my girl! Realized your true power?” Granny asked.

Fareena nodded in ecstasy.

“Now that calls for a celebration!” Fartman intervened.

“Fireworks, tonight?” Meena chimed in.

“Daddy, would you do the honors, please?” Fareena winked.

“Of course! Three farts for my Prima ballerina!”

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