Father and Son

Father and Son

“Pa, why must we go to sleep?”
“Too much waking makes us weep.”

“Pa, why do stars stay up at night?”
“To count humans, they’re few in sight.”

“Why do monsters live under my bed?”
“Son, call them out to sleep in, instead.”

“Why does the sea whisk our footprints away?”
“Cause there’d be no place to step if they’d stay.”

“Pa, why must we smile when we just want to cry?”
“Son, you needn’t, but it helps when your tears run dry.”

“Why birds sing, but lions roar?”
“Most of us whine, but few soar.”

“Pa, have you seen the tooth fairy?”
“She whitens teeth in a dairy.”

I strive to answer, the best I can,
You, my child, are the father of man.
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