Fear is a psychological emotion
Its not an option, rather it’s a choice
Let’s defeat fear by logical reasoning

Fear while travelling in aircraft, reaching on highest peak
Could be overcome by answering yourself
You have to die one day,
Then why to die everyday

Fear in expressing yourself 
If you will express, you might get  contradictory reactions
But if you won’t 
You will remain fool and dissatisfied forever

Fear for asking rights
When you are fulfilling your duties
Then why not get rights
Rights if not given,
must be as asked
If not ,it could be snatched 
If you are in a mood to leave
First express,Then leave 

Do you have fear while being late at office ?
Ignore it ,your boss can’t hang you
But stressing yourself for each and every task
Might put your life In turmoil

Fear from God
Yes it’s healthier and spiritual for you
It will curb you from henious, moral crime

Fear the fear 
Before it fears you
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