Feminism is a HE

Feminism is a HE

“Congratulations on the success of your book – ‘Feminism is a HE’!” asked Priya, interviewing Rahul on air.

“Hmmm!” mused Rahul. “I am happy but I am more satisfied that my work has been accepted.”

“I’m sure. Tell us something about your book? What was your inspiration to write it?” queried Priya.

“Well, the title is self explanatory. My father inspired me as he is a supporter of women’s rights. He has been instrumental in encouraging & shaping my mother’s career. I and my brother were both brought-up to respect women as equals”, said Rahul.

“Wow! Your father sounds like an inspirational man”, said Priya.

“Yes, he is. He was raised by a misogynist father. Had he not supported, my mother would never have pursued her PhD post marriage or realized her dream to teach. I idolize him”, said Rahul, smiling.

“So, basically your father’s experiences are what helped you shape this book?” persisted Priya.

“Well, yes & no” replied Rahul. “My book explores the possibility of each man in this world standing up for the woman or women in his life. Imagine, if each so called chauvinist could support even one woman; how evolved as a society we would become.” answered Rahul.

“That is wonderful thinking. How would you bring about such a change?” asked Priya.

“The change has to come from within each man. Men need to accept other men who accept & respect women as equals. They need to be liberated from the shackles of prejudice or societal bias that has shrouded their thinking”, replied Rahul.

Wonderfully, said. Thank you, Rahul. Any food for thought for our listeners?” asked Priya

“It is only when you emerge with a divergent view that you can seek to find convergence in the future.” opined Rahul, ending the interview.


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