First Love

First Love

A warm, summer night,
Love rushed to be by my side,
It was here to stay,
I could feel its tender kiss,
And its whisper in my ears.

I fell in headlong,
With an emotion unknown,
It made me believe,
That it was meant to be real,
And the passion in me seared.

The days seemed so long,
And the nights only so short,
With every mild touch,
My body too would quiver,
And the world around would dim.

Alas, time flew by,
Forever said it’s goodbye,
With tears in my heart,
I chose a different path,
And my first love could not stay.

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One thought on “First Love

  1. Oh as I started to read I was enjoying it but the last stanza… ohhh!! lost first love… I still miss him… oh my Ajay Devgan… this so called Kajol still misses you…jokes apart… beautiful with a melancholic touch…beauty in words…

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