Five Years into the Unknown

Five Years into the Unknown

It was my time to return home, to my village. I was thirty-six; pretty young to return so soon. I had retired from a private television channel. I had at this age turned pepper and salt. After spending five years with the television, being grey-haired was not welcome in the field, and I had been an anchor with a TV channel dealing with beauty products. I remember some of the TV presenters discussing behind my back, “doesn’t she look quite out of place?” So, that was that!

Getting hold of the same beauty products to dye my hair had proven to be a failure each time I tried. It was a mystery why I could not dye my hair. Even visiting a dermatologist did not help. I was just with a unique disorder that had been passed on for generations. Both my parents, my brother and my grandmother had the same problem. We had another problem. We, none of us felt pain, nor could we cry. I tried to cry at times after finding some childhood friends crying, but was unable to fulfil my wish.

The odd thing about other members of the family was that they did not at all seemed bothered. The only thing they were bothered about was the appearance of the blood moon in the night sky. It was a celestial event that took place sparingly during one’s lifetime and it was around the corner again this week.

On the night of the blood moon, mother suggested we all go up to the terrace. And so, we all went. There was my father, mother, brother, sister and me. It was shortly after standing there that I noticed that the hairs on my head were not on my back. Rather they had risen towards the sky. In sheer terror, I turned back towards the others. Lo and behold! They all seemed to be in some kind of reverie. All of them had their hairs pointing towards the blood moon. 

“Don’t get flabbergasted. It is a normal event that takes place during the blood moon. Concentrate… fill up your nostrils with the night air. Let the blood moon seep into your body. Today, we will start on our journey, back to our real home. Our pod will soon come for us. Come to me, Leena.”

My mother’s words were mindboggling, but I just went to her by some assurance that everything would be fine. My mother opened her eyes. She had a strange sparkle in her eyes. She held to me by some strange force and I seemed to melt with her touch. Very soon I found myself almost cocoon-shaped and was astounded to see, that all the others of my family had likewise turned cocoon.

We waited with the vapours of the blood moon building up a dome-like structure right before our eyes. I watched as the dome turned topsy turvy and a strange violet light reached towards us and we were transported into the dome.

It was eerily quiet inside and nothing could be seen inside. It seemed we were all being merged into the blood moon.

“Maa, what is happening? Father, where are you?” Suddenly, I was the little child cringing from the unknown out of fear. I remained unanswered. The very next moment, we were floating on a watery body and then, suddenly cast into a second disc. But all these transformations were happening without having to bear any pain.

Then it dawned on me. We were not mortals as they say on earth. What were we? Gods? None. Ozone of the earth, Ozone that would push the earthlings, corrupted to the core, towards extinction. And soon after, would there be a newer far well-equipped race; one that is unforeseen by any of the scientists on earth.

Then as if after a sudden jolt, I was thrown on the ground, earth, to be precise. But we had all changed. None of us seemed to have the same features. It was as if we had all been reborn. 

But we were all adults. It seemed we were bound together with a strange mystery – a mystery that would unravel itself, and show who we were in reality. We were the caregivers and transmitters of our parent planet, the moon. We had learnt in school, of the moon being the earth’s satellite. Nothing was far from the truth. We were specially designed immortals sent back to the earth, as recorders of systematic and unsystematic reverberations happening on earth. Each time we returned to the blood moon, we were mature with all the transmitters in our hairs. Every time we return on earth we look different but are back with far better engineering and transmitters recording each minute change on earth. Earthlings got diminished in sizes with each new generation. 

We are celestial beings, far superior to the others the mortals, who get wasted towards the end of their lives. We can change our beings after every thirty-six years, and with the blood moon approaching, our hairs change and we are brought back on moon.

I now realize why I never suffered from any disease in my childhood, or in the subsequent stages of my life. In the present state of things, I have started my renewed adventure on earth as a thirty-six-year-old physician in another part of the world. No one knows or seeks information about me, as my data are prerecorded on all the databases available. Thanks to mom. She has not returned with me, she oversees my work from the moon, just as her mother and father and brother and sister were doing their bits for her during her duration on earth. And of course, I do have a family. I have my two sons and a daughter who work with me. My husband is a fellow physician. I have a prism with me which records the vibrations and sends signals to the moon from the earth.

 And we are on the verge of the modern age giving way to the post-modern. We are recording and transmitting the changes. We will remain undiscovered to the end of time recorded on earth. Even the greatest scientific technologies are nothing compared to our work.

The Big Change:

We do not have laptops and computers. We do not have buses, taxis, trains, metro, maglev or the other modern inventions. We travel through space and time. We transfer data with the transponders on the hair ends. Our brain selects and sends data. We are a unique life form with our roots running deep underground and we are half-humans, only by looking at our exposed brains and half slithery creatures. The life on earth is devoid of humans as a race, so are the animals or any plant life. The earthly creepers are now with new metallic surfaces which are base transporters of life. There is no architecture, no inventions. There is just the space around us.

Our transmitters had recorded the devastation of all life on earth, and the resulting evils of the human race for seeking superiority over each other in different spheres.

The spread of viruses to start with, futile exercises to do away with diseases, cannibalism, scarcity of water, food, destroying of land and pollution of seas took place-all pre-ordained by us. The earth as you know now called for help and so it had to be transformed.  The earth got transformed by balanced and superior beings, not petty mischief mongers. The sky now is an open space without the enveloping atmosphere of yesteryears, and the stars are far nearer than they used to be. Earth has opened up. Volcanoes and tsunamis are a distant past. 

The asteroids that passed by earth had recorded the earth events and done their duties to Moon. The planets converged and were enclosed within the sun, which grew bigger in size. The earth grew hotter with passing years till all living creatures could not bear it any further. And we had exited earth before the final explosion, that tore the earth apart. The central core emerged and through thundering noises that only we could witness, the present earth took shape and then, it was us who took over the earth now called Trans E mutant.

“Yes, this is the future of all that will remain of earth-class” these were the words that had remained etched in my memory from my school days. Before I was a grown-up woman form and residing far away from home working as an anchor with a television channel. Five years had passed before I had returned to my home on earth. And within those five years, I had gathered experiences of an earthling, a human in your terms. 

We have existed on earth from time immemorial, doing our bits to transmit messages. We were and will be the moulders of the planetary systems, the galaxies and prevent future destruction. Mortals are too messy, they are too unscrupulous, too vain and very distant from ground reality. They are like cosmetics, changing outer contours hiding the stark ugliness underneath. But we have forgiven them. We helplessly watch all life being depleted. We are the future if the earth becomes nonexistent…

We are now a flat platform with tree-like structures slithering here and there. There is no digestive or respiratory system. We consist of huge brains with transmitters moving on a plane travelling through galaxies. We are invisible to the naked eye and can change our platform shape to suit the space fusions and terminals. We have waves covering distances in a flash and converting them in our transmitters as recordings. There is a war being fought in space. To wipe all traces of humanity, of fauna and flora, the beauty I have seen and my family has been a part of. The earth can leave a mark and inspire other humanoids in space. They can create an equilibrium instead of chaos. We are what you now call as ALIENS! 

We have no feelings and no need to either love or hate. We exist above all pettiness that limited men from becoming the mortals. Men tried the secret formation of societies like the Illuminati to discover us and gain power from us to destroy one another.

However, they failed. They failed miserably. Instead, they became slaves of their desires and hunger for transient power. They thought they had won, to have power to themselves even at the cost of the earth, ravaged the earth through wars and conquests only to turn their source of life to oblivion. So, they perished. The other beings suffered for them. So, they too were removed and the ecosystem was ultimately nonexistent before the final destruction.

I am a recorder of events that will take place. So, as I have changed again with the blood moon around the corner, I call upon you, with whom I have spent my days as an earthling, to rise above your pettiness. I have exposed the events that will eventually take place on the earth leading to your destruction. It is up to your conscience, a feeling that you mortals have and which is getting depleted in me with my every new incarnation. The next time I arrive on earth it will not be for long. As the time is closing in.

I am immortal, but I can’t help caring for you. I have grown with you, been through the thought processes that you have, the feelings that you possess. I am making this final call to you before the destruction process is tuned in. Try to prevent it before it is too late. From light-years away, in your terms, space is in constant flux, a flux that your most powerful gadgets will never be able to trace. Save yourselves before the earth turns into Trans E mutant!


II AlisaX …2020
I Beena 1900.

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