Fodder Case Files

Fodder Case Files

“May I call Mr Bullsmith in the witness box, your honour?”asked Equina, the lawyer.

The Judge poked his head out of his fifty year old shell and nodded.

Bullsmith placed his hooves on the book of Animal farm and took the oath of truth.

“So you have accused Mr Vacky of conducting fraudulent transactions in your factory named Fodder Firms. Am I correct?” 


“But Vacky did a course on fodder analysis, why did you relegate a certified fodder analyst in accounting?”

“He was still a newbie!” 

“May I ask who got the job of analyst?

“I-I did it myself. After all I am a bull and I know about fodder myself. And I did not have enough funds to give salaries for two jobs”

“Yet you advertised for both jobs! Your advertisement for job positions in Fodder Firm clearly stipulates there was vacancy for both fodder analyst and accountant. Right? Equina said, handing over copies of the advertisement and Vacky’s certificates to the Judge.

The latter adjusted his glasses and perused the documents.

“So I present you three batches of fodder. Kindly assess and tell me your analysis”.

“They are all average grade fodder.”

“That’s all you could come up with?”

“May I interrogate Mr Vacky please?” Equina requested.

“So Mr Vacky, You are a certified fodder analyst. Topper of your batch. Yet Mr Bullsmith seemed doubtful of your skills, why?”

“I have no idea.”

“Can you analyse those fodder samples please?”

“Well sample number one is a fodder made with low quality forage, Number two is a moldy fodder and unfit for use. Number Three is a top quality fodder containing alfalfa, and of high nutritious value.”

“He is perfectly right, your Honour. His analysis matches the one I got from a Senior fodder analyst. These fodder were taken from three different factories, number two being specifically from Fodder Firms itself.”

She turned to Mr. Bullsmith, “ Am afraid but your fodder analyzing skills do not seem convincing enough. No wonder your factory kept producing poor quality fodder which you marketed for lower prices and bagged big tenders!”

“I object your honour! Stop horsing around Miss Equina. The issue here is the fraudulent transactions not the skills of my client, Mr Bullsmith.” 

“The skills are important your Honour because fodder needs the green light of the fodder analyst before being marketed.”

“Objection overruled!”

“So Mr Bullsmith, the advance money given for the tender suddenly disappeared from your company’s account? Is there some cat you don’t want to let out of the bag?”

*Meoooww* A loud mewing reverberated in the Courtroom.

“Your honour, I, Uttam Calico have come to confess and surrender myself.” 

Everyone gasped looking at the cat.

“I was behind the fodder scam and had escaped with the advance payments. But I realized my mistake. Rats who had fed on the moldy fodder ,were eaten by my fellow cats and they are now severely ill.”

“That’s the law of ecosystemic karma.” said the Judge.

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