Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

Love finds unexpected trysts, it happens, takes control of the psyche 
Questioning my sensibility, love popped up when I wished to hide.

He befriended me to approach my pretty cousin
She was everything that I wasn’t
I sailed as an extra oar in the lover’s boat
Drowning and swimming in lovebirds’ tiffs and snuggles
Years passed being an ally in crime, I was the confidant
Wiping his tears of despondency or delight

The pain made a pal in unprecedented times
Dreamt of a world that had moonshine
Hopping from planets to stars, floating in the dark
I too found a Sun that illuminated my life

Double dates, picnics, love’s everlasting promises followed
Something was amiss we both knew, the Sun was distant and the cousin, too perfect
Sitting in a crowd of four, our eyes met, a moment longer than a decade passed
We were drowning in a soup that brimmed with forbidden desires

The magnetic pull tilted the balance
Love bloomed, unleashing unfathomable passion
Entwining our souls to eternal blissful life that neither had a name nor a timeline
Love happened my dear, it just took time to redefine.
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