Forever and Forever?

Forever and Forever?

From splashing together the muddy puddles,
To winning a game of hopscotch against each other,
Jumping through those fences and barricades,
Devouring succulent mangoes on a sultry summer afternoons,
Their unsullied friendship blossomed from childhood days,
For they were each other’s shadow and shade,
They were like chalk and cheese,
Albeit, their bond had that inextricable glue,
The seeds of friendship affirmed their roots,
The tiny sprigs spread into branches of trust and belief,
For she harbored a part of him,
And, he cherished a part of her within,
“Let’s take the plunge!” they said to each other,
Forging a beautiful bond forever and forever!
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One thought on “Forever and Forever?

  1. I like how you narrated the bond between them, simple yet warm and realistic. However, as a friendly suggestion, next time I hope you would use proper punctuations and not overuse the comma.

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