Looking through his Ray Ban aviator, Krish realized, the serene view of the placid lake embellished with snow-capped mountain in the background still charmed him the same way as it did twenty-five years ago. Away from the hustle-bustle of big city and cacophony of mankind, the panorama around the Tso Lhamo Lake always oozed with Mother Nature’s abundance.

‘Gosh! How much I missed this wilderness’, he blurted out almost aloud while parking his 1200cc beast. The aura of the place slowly drifted his mind to the pages of the past which he has carefully tucked inside his heart all these years. 

He can never forget the day that naive 15 years old mountain lad fled away from this place, this heavenly abode, with tons of guilt, fear and grief piled on his heart. 

Krishna was few days old when he was saved from being devoured by dogs near the local temple of Lachen valley. His mind still debates about the fortune of the fact of being saved and sent to that hell-hole orphanage. The first fifteen years of his life witnessed the melancholic trauma boring the hands of his saviour – Bhai jee. Each day of his existence at Bhai-jee’s shelter screamed its lungs out of abuse and distress only. While the pangs of excruciating pain permeated through his naked body every night, the volley of distasteful agony numbed his emotions as tears rolled down his lanky cheeks endlessly.

Then one day, destiny felt pity on him as Bhai-jee took Krishna on his private sailboat for voyeuristic day out. For the first time, that lanky teenager was able to gather his grit to face the fear of his life. The red scarf, which always adorned the neck of that drunkard paedophile helped Krishna to wrangle out the last breath from his burly body before pushing him for feasting of alligators in this lake. 

Escaping to the metropolitan city paved his way to create the destiny while killing the timid and wimpish Krishna and birthing the phlegmatic Krish in the process. Though twenty-five years went by, but still many nights Krish jolts up from his sleep with a twisted battle of fear, anger, shame, guilt and grief engulfing his mind. ‘Maybe I can never achieve peace in this lifetime’, he pondered always.


Krish annoyingly looked up as the incessant noise of that sailboat broke his reverie. Throwing a vexed look, he tried to move away hastily from the lake shore. 

Suddenly, his eyes halted at the brawny shadow with red scarf around his neck standing with folded hands, seeking forgiveness at the edge of the sailboat. Years of anguish welled up the melting pot of his emotions, and he heard himself shrieking his lungs out. That big lump which kept choking him since ages finally fizzled away. It is the time when forgiveness has now found its way in his life.   

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