Fortuitous Escape

Fortuitous Escape

The blue of the sky boggled me,
The green of the grass eluded me.

I wanted to do many more things,
But I did not have the means. 

I was always scowling,
For I felt all were troubling.

I was always stressed,
My life was a total mess. 

I was filled with hatred,
Until my peace was shattered.

I did not know what I was missing,
Till I was caught in a hijacking. 

I cried myself hoarse,
Till I gave vent to my grouse.

I realized my days were numbered,
Till my captors surrendered.

Oh! The grass is such a green,
The sky such an azure blue.

The birds twittered gaily,
And the bees hummed merrily.

I treated all with sympathy,
Such was my empathy. 

Ah! If not for my forced imprisonment,
I would still be in my self- made one!

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