Alas! Freedom was never meant to be mine
Born in a world of debauchers
Cradled by arms serpentine, presumptuous
Devious intentions meticulously veiled

Enigma my au pair, covert love I believed
Futile efforts craving attention
Gargantuan faith in my feigned creator
Hints spurned, subtle and sublime

I grew up to be a beauty, resplendent
Junoesque, the cynosure of all eyes
Kindling emotions unknown, a desire to shield
Lost love I thought, naïve, proved wrong

Molten magma unleashed on me
Nefarious intentions came to light
Ominous night, wild and dark
Perpetrators my own, my kindred

Quintessential agent, my modesty auctioned
Rort affection, immoral design
Screaming, beseeching, I begged for freedom
Tabid protests, decaying will to survive
Unscrupulously vend to the highest bidder

Vying for affection, hoping for vagary
Withering with every thrust, I lived
Xenia, I was in an unbidden world
Yielding, yet yearning for liberation
Zen finally, when I set my soul free
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