The circle of life moves on.
After a day there is a night.
I want to sleep forever in the cover of darkness.
It’s winter, so sleep too is deep.
The cool air takes my breath away
The heart is at peace as is the body.
The moment is as if to be drowned in it forever.
I don’t like the day as it makes me a slave.
As if I have to follow a path I can’t escape.
Judgments and expectations make me weak.
And my search for myself can never be achieved.
From childhood I expected it to be better.
But as time gradually moved on, it isn’t any better.
Is life really a race, as they say?
They say it because our race makes them rich.
The powerful gain more power and weak become weaker.
At last the race is just a myth, but why can’t I seek peace and happiness from it?
‘Cause I don’t know where my happiness lies.
I just follow them, and follow them.
But in the end, peace is all I need.
The stage of slavery may change, but the freedom never comes.
Then the beauty of darkness arrives.
As the night takes its turn
I find peace for a moment
And I wish I could be free.

Prabhjot Singh
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