Friend, Philosopher and Guide.

Dear Daddy,

I know it’s a bit late but I remember the hardships that you endured to admit me to the prestigious school of the town. I remember how you used to create practice questionnaires for me at wee hours of your night shifts and I solved them before appearing for the exams.

I loved the fact that you never discriminated on the basis of gender, in fact, pampered me for every small wish be it an ice-cream, a notebook with exact 124 pages, or a dress. Unlike others, you never pressurized me for getting 90% marks but taught me that there is nothing I cannot achieve with dedication, self-confidence and hard work. You never compared me with my brother, a school topper, but identified my talent in extracurricular activities and encouraged me for pursuing music and arts.

You taught me to be kind and show empathy to others, which will lead to happiness from within. Because you said so, I am trying my best to inculcate the same virtues in my child.

You have the unique ability to understand my mood before I speak and that’s the reason I love you more. Now that my kid has started school, I understand the tension, stress and anxiety you underwent, and still undergoing at every junction of your life. You have sacrificed your desires to make me happy and bring a smile on my face.

Today, I want to confess that every time I spoke in a disparaging tone on matters big and small, I felt hugging you but never did. I have acted stubborn at times on my personal choices, albeit some wrong ones, but you have shown exemplary patience in handling my tantrums. I feel blessed to have a father who is my friend, philosopher and guide.

Eternally grateful,

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Amrita Lahiri

Amrita is a working woman as well as a mother to a toddler
She has a penchant for writing since she was a teenager

She squeezes in time between work and her kid
She joined the group as she loves to write and read

With a little encouragement and support
She wants to soar high in the privileged company of cohort
Amrita Lahiri

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