Friends Forever

Friends Forever

‘Twas a summer evening when I first met you,
You were full of smiles, bubbling with joy,
We played a small game of hide ‘n seek,
Lo and behold, we became best buddies!

When we grew a little older, we went to school together,
Oh! Those times we had- I can never forget.
Those little secrets we shared in class,
Giggling and whispering behind the teacher’s back.

We were there for each other during those awkward teen days,
Jokes, crushes- all secrets, we confided in each other.
Petty quarrels we had, bickering for hours,
Only to forget our silly squabbles, the very next day.

Years passed, time flew,
We went in separate paths,
Different universities, different careers;
We were busy in our new lives.

Yet, the bond we cherish, can never be broken,
Dear friend, you’re my philia, always and forever.
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