Friendship dries an eye
And relieves the sigh, 
It creates a bond,
Makes hearts grow so fond,
It brings a smile in life
Removing all the strife.

It is so sweet and fair
And is abounding with care,
Seeped with so much love,
A sweet gift from above
It brings out all your best –
Passes you through each test.

When you have a true friend
You have a shoulder to lend,
You can hug her anytime,
She will not mind the grime,
She’ll be forever with you
Till the very end so true.

Friendship knows no barrier,
It is the love carrier,
It makes life worth living
Believes in only giving,
A friend is a gift from God –
She herself is the Lord.

Friendship is a present
Devoid of discontent,
It’s precious, valuable
And without any label,
Filling life with showers,
Fragrance of fresh flowers.

Friendship is so healing –
It’s a wonderful feeling,
It so soothes the heart,
Gives life a head start,
So much magic it pours,
Opens all Heaven’s door.
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