Friendship: a never dying bond

Friendship: a never dying bond

Friendship is the thread
That helps to fly.
I remember the days, we chatted on bed,
I promise, I will never let those memories die.

You are not my brother,
Neither are you my sister.
We are not even lover,
Yet, this bond is so special and definitely not a litter.

Gratitude for you being my Ralph,
Though I couldn’t be always your Venelope,
You have never let me feel dwarf,
Even thou I often behave grim and gloomy.

I cherish the present,
I would memoir the tomorrow.
Stay in my life for every moment,
Be it joy, be it sorrow.


Pooja Gupta
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One thought on “Friendship: a never dying bond

  1. For a debut poem by the poetess, this is quite a nice attempt. In fact, it is a tribute to a beautiful friendship between a man and a woman which is nicely described. However, Vanellope is misspelled as Venelope; and there are words that need editing like lover, thou, memoir. Though the second stanza didn’t follow the ABAB rhyme scheme, it has not hindered the flow of the poem. Notwithstanding these minor glitches, this poem is, indeed, memorable. Looking forward to reading more of your work in the future.

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