From Heart to Soul

From Heart to Soul

What rhythm is that… I hear, 
 Soft and subtle;
Is it Krishna dancing on Kaliya’s hood,
Transforming the beast 
As Lord played with his flute.

What rhythm is that… I hear,
Those lub dub sounds;
Is it a thousand petaled lotus 
Opening somewhere around?

What rhythm is that… I hear,
Which sings your grandeur;
Listening to it all the time,
With gratitude chokes my throat
And fills eyes with tears.

What rhythm is that… I hear,
Which makes me see
You in every face!
As my heart speaks to my soul
Your presence, I feel,
Even in empty space.


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One thought on “From Heart to Soul

  1. Nice to connect with you. What a thought provoking way to highlight the reverberations of one’s mind through a soul direction.

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