From Within It Rises

From Within It Rises

From within it rises
Like ashes in air it spreads
Invisible but visible
Only to its predators 

The bed of death is made 
Gradually everyone lays on it
Sleeping their way to an endless dream
Dreamt but not dreamt

Half prediction came true
Half can’t possibly be made true

This might be the biggest battle of all
Sunrises and it sets the same 
But it keeps hunting building up the wall
The wall of shame is what should be it’s name 

This might be the apocalypse 
The erase of the race
No turning back now
No future is left to chase

Locked by the beast 
Invisible to the known
Waiting with a hope
But there’s more that’s not been shown

Within us is a traitor 
Ego became the end 
Finally we lost the battle 
Hope, now is just a pretend 

Hope, is for the new beginning
That an another race might find
Let’s be happy for what we have now
And just try our best to be kind.

The world ends here 
And begins elsewhere.
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