Gaps that Hamper a Writer’s Success

Sneha Utkarsha posted under Writing Tips on 2021-01-25

The primary requirements to fabricate fascinating pieces of writing are‭ ‬good grammar and excellent vocabulary.‭ ‬Reading other people’s work also aids in learning different styles of writing.

While these are some absolutely mandatory requirements to create captivating write ups,‭ ‬there are also a few hiccups‭ ‬that hold us back from performing well as a writer.

These‭ ‬voids‭ ‬are:

1. Writing without a purpose‭ ‬or inspiration.
‭“‬Writing without inspiration is like life without a soul.‭”‬ Writing is an art which‭ ‬requires‭ ‬you to‭ ‬churn those grey cells inside your brain to‭ ‬bring out something‭ ‬that creates magic.

Not every time you pick up your pen,‭ ‬you are able to come up with something genius. If you do not have a purpose to write,‭ ‬a real life experience to share or a true incident to reflect upon,‭ ‬you will not be able to produce an irresistible piece of pen script.

2. Lack of Creativity and Imagination
The difference between an average and an extraordinary writer lies in the magnitude of creativity and imagination being devoted to the write ups.‭ ‬Sans these elements your work will never be rewarded.‭ ‬Being innovative in your work is what makes the effort worthy of being remembered always.

3. Fear
There are two types of fears that budding or juvenile writers come across:

Fear of Identity crisis:‭ ‬Once you begin the writing journey,‭ ‬it is very important for you to believe in your identity more than anyone else.‭ ‬The question‭ ‬that‭ ‬everyone around,‭ ‬every raised eyebrow and every grin keeps asking‭ ‬-‭ “‬We need a real writer,‭ ‬are you one‭?”‬ The‭ ‬crisis gradually settles within us as‭ “‬Self-doubt‭”‬.

Never allow this uncertainty to creep inside your brain.‭ ‬Work hard,‭ ‬write a good piece and‭ ‬believe in yourself.‭ ‬That my friend will mark the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Fear of failure:‭ ‬Every person has this fear of failure.‭ ‬It is natural but only if you have‭ ‬a control and it does not start engulfing your confidence.‭ ‬Most of you would have noticed that we spend a lot of time preparing and pushing ourselves in search of a‭ “‬Better Time‭” ‬to begin writing.‭ ‬We keep looking inside our daily routine but that time actually never comes.‭ ‬We simply linger this activity‭ ‬due to the fear of not‭ ‬being able to produce something‭ ‬outstanding.

But you need to enter the race‭ ‬in order to win.‭ ‬Just being a spectator cannot win laurels for you.‭

4. Insufficient Focus
People who have a creative mind‭ ‬usually‭ ‬face this crisis.‭ ‬It is like a bonus which comes tagged along with that ingenious mind of yours.‭ ‬You have to train‭ ‬yourself to work along with this‭ ‬condition.‭ ‬Your thoughts will keep loitering in your mind even when you sleep.‭ ‬But to write an effective bit,‭ ‬this cloud of‭ ‬ideas need to be organised.‭ ‬Only when you can exhibit these in a proper format,‭ ‬you can become a good writer.‭

The most effective and easy way out is to practice Meditation.‭ ‬It helps you to gain focus and gather your thoughts together.‭

It is of utmost importance for all new writers to let go of these pitfalls before they begin their journey as‭ ‬a wordsmith.‭