Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha

What a marvelous statue this is! Whose statue is sculpted with the cairns?” said a curious Peter to Tenzin.

Tenzin, a local guide said in his soothing voice, ” On the sacred hills of Himalaya, these statues are deemed as the holy stupas of Gautama Buddha. The people regard him as God devotedly.”

“Who was Gautama Buddha? Why do people regard him as God?” said the curious Peter enquiringly.

“Gautama Buddha was the ninth incarnation of the Lord Vishnu who enlightened the whole world with his illuminating wisdom of peace. His life began as a prince named Siddhartha in a luxurious palace of Lumbini. When he was born, the scholastic astrologers forecasted that he would take the reclusion from his royal life, and went into the woods in search of the true wisdom. Dismayed king Suddhodana and queen Maya Devi resolved to fill the life of their son with the worldly pleasures. They would never let him  confront the pain and harsh reality of the life. He was sent away for schooling in the ancient Vedas and scriptures, and after completing his education, he got married with a beautiful princess Yasodhara.             .

The time started to pass by swiftly, and ultimately, that destined day came when Siddhartha Gautama got a rare chance to do the outing from his royal palace.

On his way he saw someone who was desperately sick, then saw a decrepit old man and then, saw a monk who was begging for the alms. The harsh truth of life came to him when he saw the funeral procession of a person.

Bewildered Siddhartha returned to his palace, but his mind was still wandering into the thoughts of those heart wrenching sights.

His first confront with the impermanence and sufferings of the world pierced his heart. Worldly pleasures lost the charm, and he felt humdrum in his inner self.

A desire to find the true meaning of the life started to burn in his heart, and one day he decided to take the reclusion from the materialistic world. When everything is ephemeral, then why should he be the part of the miseries of this world?

He prepared a distinguished journey which was set into the woods to meet with the scholars, and hermits to get the eternal wisdom.

After wandering from place to place, he earned a vast ocean of the knowledge, but despite it he felt the emptiness.

One day he vowed to remain in meditation under the peepal tree rigorously until he would get the enlightenment. After enduring so many struggles severely for six days and nights he reached on the stage of the enlightenment. He became Buddha, the Awakened one who had found the glorious light of that wisdom in which the darkness of the ignorance was entirely scattered off.” said Tenzin the whole description vividly of Gautama Buddha’s life to the curious Peter who was listening everything attentively.
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  1. An ancient well-known story has been beautifully retold. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.

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