Give from your wealth , 
Give from your time
Or give yourself 
for the betterment of mankind
Give as much as you can 
For in giving  true happiness lies.

Give without expectations 
give without fear
Give without consideration 
of justified condition 
Give without preference 
of cast or religion
For giving is an act twice blessed
It blesses him who gives
 and him who gets.

Give to one who asks 
and one who doesn’t 
For some would suffer not 
The pain of their exposed pride
Give from the bounty you are blessed
Not worrying of what is left
Give to the needy, to the deprived 
For in giving humanity thrives

Some give for name
and some give as duty
Proving this act a mere  travesty
Some give what is no longer needed
While some the extra
to avoid waste
But to give from the little
is the true spirit.

And if nothing is there to give 
Give your ears  at least
For the lonely to speak
Or munificently bestow your smile 
In those dark lives,
bring sunshine.

For in giving you verily gain
Blessings from hearts
Who quietly suffer in pain.
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