God Save Our Daughters

God Save Our Daughters

She went to the jungle to graze the herd
Unaware, some vultures her footsteps had heard
Grabbing and swatting on cowering doe’s temple
The perverts dragged her to precincts of a temple

The predators swooped on the game barely eight
Her body her soul then lustily they ate
Her passionate pleas none cared to hear
Desperately she prayed, ‘God send saviours here’

They took turns to crush the bud one by one
The men gloated their masculinity had won
Mincing and partaking her like a meal course
The brutes terminated little angel’s life’s course

Heart-rending sight for any human to bear
An Asifa or a Twinkle lying dead and bare
I wish every mortal would join me to pray
God save our daughters from beasts of prey


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